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HF generator AproPower 2/13M

HF generator AproPower 2/13M

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Induction heating is a process associated with eddy current, that appear from the electromagnetic field of high-frequency current. It should be noted that as higher the frequency is, as less is the penetration of the magnetic field, and heating is in a smaller volume. Or if we have to heat heavy parts and details, we need lower frequency and vice versa if we want to heat thin sheets, foils, or laminated with metal materials, we need high frequencies.

High frequencies above 13 MHz are not preferred for induction heating, but are suitable for dielectric heating of the non-metals such as PVC, polyethylene, wood and other materials with high coefficient of dielectric loss.

We produce this range of generators only by customers order with direct relation to the technological process.

Technical Parameters

  • Operating frequency: 13 MHz +/- 1 MHz
  • Output voltage: 2000 V
  • Power supply voltage: 1N – 220V – 50Hz -10/+6%
  • Input power at MAX load: 3 kVA
  • Power regulation: 10÷100%
  • Power setting: by potentiometer
  • Control of ON/OFF cycle: programmable timer (option)
  • Protection: current, voltage, load's frequency, overheating, cooling
  • : 8 l/min
  • MAX water consumption: 400 x 600 x 1000 mm
  • Overall dimensions of generator: 400 x 1000 x 1000 mm