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Ultrasonic cleaner SC 160-2000

Ultrasonic cleaner SC 160-2000

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The ultrasonic cleaner SC 160-2000 produced under SOOONIC® trademark is designed for cleaning of different types of details and for ultrasonic sonochemical processes.

The cleaner is power supplied by two ultrasonic generators type SG.1200.OF mounted in a cabinet with IP55 degree of protection. The cabinet can be placed up to 10m away from the cleaner. The cleaner is equipped with an overflow drain system for capturing the light floating dregs and a faucet for draining the liquid when cleaning. Different accessories for fixing the cleaned details in the detergent solution are offered as an option to SC 160-2000.

If the technological process requires cleaning in warm solutions, the manufacturer offers additional system for circulation of the solution with filters, a heating module an additional reservoir.

Technical Parameters

  • Power supply: 230V/ 50Hz
  • Ultrasonic output power: 2000W
  • Ultrasonic output frequency: 28 / 40 kHz
  • Effective volume of the cleaner: 160 L
  • Container dimensions WxLxH: 1400 х 480 х 300 mm